Friday, May 8, 2009

Finally, MY DAY! - from (who else?) Dozer

Finally, a day just for ME! Look at this! "Dozer Day"! It's all about me. Wait, what is that? Mum says it has absolutely nothing to do with me and it is all about fundraising for children. Well, close enough in my book! This is the portrait that Terry Stanley did of me and which arrived yesterday. Mum is going to frame it because, well, it is just too beautiful not to put up for everyone to see! Because...(all together now)'s all about ME! Mum says to tell you that Terry does commissions and you can visit her at her blog at or at . Terry was kind enough to let me sit for one of her portraits (okay, I sent my picture in but it was like sitting for a portrait). Mum just thinks this is the most gorgeous portrait...well, of course, it's of ME!
Let's look at some pictures of me, shall we? Here are my Olympic Rings from the Pawlimpics this past summer. Did I mention I won a bronze?
This was when I was in lock-up in the car because Mum got that nervous tic whenever I bounded over the seats and into her lap when she was driving. Sheesh!
Ah, the happy time before Cooper and Dottie showed up. I will always have the memories of being an only dog.
My wading pool! My favorite summer activity!
Mr. Dino who continues to elude my attempts at de-stuffing!
Nap time, my favorite afternoon position. (I'm dreaming of you!)
Playing vulture, another favorite pastime.

Thanks for sharing MY day with me. Love, Dozer


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
oh what a fabulous post about you!
we love th portrait and all of the photos!
you are a very special dog!
m & e

ClassyChassy said...

It ISSSS all about you, now, isn"t it?? HURRAY!

Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
WOW! You are soo lucky to have your own day! I have my own day too but it wasn't in the paper!! All those pictures of you were very nice and that portrait is just lovely!! HAPPY DOZER DAY!
:) Tibby

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Dozer, you're top dog, every single day.
Doggie hugs and biscuit dreams little buddy@
love, Jake and Addie, your 2 tri pals in Indiana

Mango said...

Being an only dog does have its advantages, but its nice to have pals too, right?

That portrait is stunning, but, consider the subject.


Janice and Gerald said...

Oh Dozer, don't let this go to your head, but I could look at pictures of you all day long. You are very photogenic!
Big Hugs ~ Janice

Puglette said...

yay! dozer day!
although it is very funny that dozer day is being held by the nutter foundation!