Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleepy Sunday - Dozer's Notes

As you know, this is our Sleepy Sunday Post. We have been having some problems with Blogger in that when we upload our pictures it just shows us the coding which confuses me, but Mum knows how to write code so apparently it is not an issue with her.

Friday Mum had to go to the AT&T store to get a Blackberry for her boss who decided that he is going to finally enter the technology loop. While she was there she saw this lovely ad that AT&T came up with. And look! There's a corgi! (Second from left.)
Cooper got sent away because he was bad. Okay, he wasn't bad and he didn't get sent away but he did leave. He went to the groomer and got his hair whacked off. Mum says he got his hair coifed. Whatever they did, something went terribly wrong because he came home looking like a poodle. The people at the salon place left his noggin all fluffy and he either looks like a poodle or a camel. I heard Mum call the groomer this morning about bringing Cooper back in to get his head chopped off...or maybe it was just his hair, hard to know.
Definite camel head
Although he has poodle overtones
This is my standard recline position on the bed
This is me being bored. It has been a definitely sleepy Sunday with Mum doing the laundry and cleaning. And I think she is late on getting us our dinner. Such is our life. Such is the life of a sad little corgi, with a brother who looks like a poodle or camel depending on your persuasion.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh lordy...the lives your doggies lead. Your narration is perfect, and an absolute hoot!
Love ya, love ya, love ya.
I come here to get my daily snicker!

River said...

Cooper does look like a camel. We had a boring Sunday too. Too cold to stay outside so we snoozed by the firelog fire.

love & wags,

Moco said...

Dawson got his hair cut like that one time. Everyone called him tard top. I thought it matched his dingle doof personality. Sunday is a great day to rest.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he's got camel head. But you don't have to tease him quite so much do you Dozer?
Momma LOVED that last picture! She got her daily laugh in.


wally said...

Aw,looks like fun. I am especially impressed with your reclining position.

So did you guys all get Blackberries? Did they taste good?

wally t.

Mango said...

Oh man, momma is all ga ga over your sleeping selves. Makes her miss her little corgi. I am impressed by your ability to sleep and be on guard duty with your head out the window at the same time. Very talented.


Totally Timmy said...

I'm actually learning to what did you do? Leave it or get it evened out? He is cute no matter what.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer and coop!
what a great sunday!
love the photos!
m & e

ocmist said...

Oh, my gosh... poor Cooper. I notice he won't even look at the camera... (Snicker) He does sort of look like a camel, doesn't he?

You sleep on the arm of the chair/couch just like I do, but my fav place is on the top of the couch so I can see out of the picture window. Mom says I am a typical corgi... I like high spots.