Friday, February 27, 2009

BINGO! I GOT BINGO! - Dozer's Notes

Look! I got Bingo on Tibby's bingo game! Whooo hooo! BINGO! BINGO! Don't you just love yelling it? Mum says I have to calm down a bit and send Tibby a note before I break something.

Now Cooper is running around the house yelling "LOSER! LOSER!" because you have to have a "T" not just a regular Bingo. He thinks he is so smart...well, apparently Tibby agrees but at least I got to yell BINGO! and I am not a loser Cooper!


Moco said...

I hate to burst your bubble. I think this game is a letter T. It is fun to yell bingo though.

Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
Moco is right, this game you have to get a "T" . But good news is you only need two more numbers!
:) Tibby

Snowball said...

Oh, Dozer, please dun be disappointed. You are certainly not a loser. Well, you have got BINGO but not in this round of Tibby's game. I hope you get the remaining 2 numbers to be the real winner in this round of BINGO with Tibby. Good Luck.


Totally Timmy said...

Poor Dozer..I hate it when that happens!

~ maggie crawford ~ said...


ocmist said...

Dozer, A "Loser" is someone who is mean to someone else... not someone who didn't win a game. If you are nice and sweet (which sometimes we all need to work on) then you are NOT a Loser... and tell Cooper I said so! OC