Thursday, March 5, 2009

If the shoe fits - Cooper's Notes

Tibby gave us this awesome award which we are very proud to receive (we're just shallow enough to covet unearned awards to wear proudly!) As always Tibby's timing is excellent. Dozer is under house arrest because he started limping last night and is favoring his bad leg (the one that had surgery). This is, of course, worrisome, because Dozer refuses to listen to reason and wants to play fetch and jump up on chairs and do all sorts of things that are bad for his leg. Mum didn't pull out the cage but she has it as her last resort if Dozer doesn't have a quiet day. I am letting Dozer wear the award all day so he will be quiet and rest.

Mum took pictures and I will get those up later today - Dozer looks completely pathetic, which he is really good at when he wants treats. Mum says she finally got a decent picture of me with my new topknot. If Dozer would quit laughing at me I might be able to retain some sense of dignity but he keeps calling me his "Hotten Tot Topknot". Dottie keeps giggling and Mum says it is not nice to make fun of other people's appearances. Like Dozer ever listens!

I would like to pass this award on to a new kid on the blog block and hope you will visit Travis. He lives in Australia and wants to meet lots of other blogging dogs - and writers of course!

Thank you Tibby for our award and being such a neat friend. We love Tibby's header on her page because it reminds us of the great artic explore Roald Amundsen - the fur coat, the look of adventure in her eye, the black and white photography - doesn't it make you think the merry Tibster is leading the arctic adventurers to their destination? We think Roald would have had a lot more success with Tibby at the helm, although he was the first person to reach the North and South poles. But every great explorer needs a good looking dog with fashion sense, don't you agree? Of course you do!

I will sign off now because Mum is still working her desk and the front desk at work. This flu is nothing to sneeze at and Mum thanks everyone for their good thoughts - she hasn't even had a sniffle!

Love, Cooper Edwards


DogzRock! said...

Hey guys
Thank you for my award so much i couldnt believe it when you commented on my blog to say i had won an award and i thought this was very pawsome!!!
thanx again Travis The Dog!!!

Joan said...

Oh, poor little Dozer. We don't want your leg to be sore! Please get well soon!!!
Puggie Hugs,
Joan & Skippy
P.S. Congrats on the Award!

ocmist said...

So glad your Mom didn't get sick. My Mom said she went to school with a girl with the same name as your Mom's. Has your mom ever been to Taft, CA?

Sorry to hear about your leg being sore. I have been having a lot of trouble with my hips in this cold weather. Mom says we all get a bit stiff and since I am almost 77 dog years old, she is very careful with me, too when I'm under the weather. OC