Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visit to the Vet - Dozer's Notes

Yesterday it occurred to me that I have not spent much time or money at the vet so I made Mum take me down. I had a bump on my back that Mum and Dad did not like and I found painful. So I made sure I waited for a weekday, so Mum would lose time at work, and got an appointment to see my favorite vet, Dr. B. Turns out it was a puncture wound, someone nailed me, from my play time at Inavale Farm. Since it was healing nicely, we decided to just let it be. Dr. B checked my ears and cleaned out one of them - no yeasties, just wax. It seems to make Dr. B so happy to play with my ears I cannot refuse her. This is me with the ladies (they love me). Yup, it's cheese-in-a-can time while Dr. B checks out my knee. If I had opposable thumbs I could empty that can in a New York minute. So forty dollars later Mum has piece of mind and I have a tummy full of cheese. Mum says it is the most expensive cheese she has ever bought. I say I am worth it! BOL!


ocmist said...

Hi, Dozer... OC here. Hey that is a good idea for keeping your mom home... Especially since it wasn't anything serious. My mom usually uses Velveeta to "hide" my meds in, but I really like your vet's idea of using cheese to "distract" you. My mom refuses to take me to the nearest vet as she doesn't trust him... Wonder if I could get her to fly me to yours when I need to see one? As it is, we have to drive for over an hour to go to the one she considers "good" but they don't give out cheese snackies!!!

Mango said...

Some doggie bited you? That is not nice.


^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Oh...I love these corgi tales.