Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that start with "T"

The Corgi Girls tagged us to come up with pictures with the letter "T". Mum said she spent way too much time going through pictures but we think she was having a ball. She kept going "awwww" and saying things like "just so cute!", so I have to think she was talking about me.

Here then is our ode to the letter "T"

T is for tube, which I love to trash and play with and leave little parts all over the floor

T is for Tori, our friend in Portland who is very old

T is for toys, which Cooper steals and does not share

T is for tongue which Cooper hangs out when he sleeps 'cause he doesn't have all his teeth

T is for tracks, which we made on the beach

T is for "top dog", that would be me!

T i s for tater heads which Mum made from our vegetable garden

T is for toilet paper, Coop's favorite snack!

T is for too cute, which I am

T is for tacky which these antlers are

And finally, T is for trips, which we get to take lots of!

We "tag" River to use the letter(s) U and V (because how many words do you know that start with the letter "U"?


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I know your mom had fun finding those. And you're right...you're Too Cute!

Nancy and the fatties said...

T is for talented - and you are very talented cuteypies!!

Moco said...

Those were great T words and pictures. You guys did a good job.