Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peemail Explained - by Dozer

There seems to be some confusion about peemail, so I am here to explain it as part of my Community Service for peeing on Dad's coat. This in no way means that I did the deed, only that I am abiding by the court's ruling, strange as it is. First, Cooper and I leave the house and check our mailbox. I usually have a few notes and then
I leave some replies, as well as sending off letters of my own (I have a lot of girl friends).

Once we have taken care of our mailbox, we head down to the post office to check for packages and notes on the boards.
Hmmm, Ruby left a nice note about the weather. Said she went camping this weekend but is glad to be back.

Here we are at the post office checking for packages and more mail. Cooper usually gets one or two notes but he doesn't share who they are from. I don't think they are from girlfriends, he is a member of the Pee of the Month Club and I think these are his samples in case he wants to order more.

Now we go to the main counter and leave our mail that we have done at home for our friends. We check for anything new and then move along so others can make their way to the counter.

Cooper always likes to check out the bullentin board for news items. Not much today with the recent rain but sounds like there is a pug down the street looking for some party animals this weekend.

Always like to check our old mailbox in case of mail from folks who are using the old address. Nothing today.
Cooper never believes me when I say I have checked the mail. He always has to check for himself.
Here's Cooper leaving some notes on the Community Mailbox. Again, he never tells me what it is about. I think he just likes to be mysterious.

Because Dottie is blind she goes out for her mail with just Mum. That way she can take her time and dawdle if she likes. She has many famous friends from her days in the show ring and gets all sort of invites to shows and meetings of retired show dogs.
Check out Dottie's tail. She uses it to check for mail. Says she can tell by the wind if there is new mail or if she has already read it.

Here's a good one of Dottie reading her newsletter from Cardigans Crossword of the Day. I have no idea why she likes doing the puzzles but she does.

So there you are! See peemail isn't that hard to understand. If you need to leave peemail just make sure you load up on the liquids before hand. There is nothing worse than having something to say and running out of ink. Plan ahead, that is all I am saying.


Janice and Gerald said...

Dozer ~ thank you so much for your thorough explanation of peemail. Gerald and I were not sure of all of the nuances, and this clears it up for us.
Snuggly hugs ~ Janice

Moco said...

Thanks for the teaching on how to use peemail. We are always in need of help at our house.

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Well! this explains everything!
I can sleep tonight, knowing this much pondered over information.
I'm telling ya', you kids need to write a book.....there's great stuff here!

Mango said...

Peoples are such dopes regarding pee-mail. Sometimes it takes a really long time to read it all, right?


~ maggie crawford ~ said...


love it

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
what a great post! emmitt says he runs out of ink all the time!
he sure does like to stop and read it though!
m & e

Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
Great job explaining peemail! I don't have all that fancy stuff like a mailbox and post office. I leave all my peemail in one spot and hope that my friends will find it. My buddy Gunner always annoys the people cuz he likes to leave little tiny notes all over the place!
:) Tibby

Sparky said...


This was a great post! You did a wonderful job at explaining what pee-mail's all about. I laughed my way through it all.


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Dozer, that is such an incredible explanation on peemail! Thanks for explaining to everyone the works of it! I'll be sure to get Mom to read this, coz she's quite a doofus when it comes to us reading peemail! Hope you have a great week!


Joan said...

Hey Dozer!
Oh my goodness - what a job you have! That's some serious 'doing your business'!!!
Talk w/ya later,
Skippy & Joan

Joan said...

P.S....right back @ cha Nancy! It truly takes a special wonderful person to adopt a 'now' $6 million dog! Cooper (and Buster Brown, too) are so lucky to be loved by you guys!
Have a great day!
Skippy & Joan

Totally Timmy said...

Well now I get it!

wally said...

I hope you left some peemail for your lawyer to appeal your erroneous conviction.

wally t.

Tee said...

Ohhhh ... thanks for explaining what pee-mail's all about. We learn a new technical term every day ... come to think of it, I'm quite a natural at pee-mailing judging by how often I 'water' the neighbourhood's lamp posts!

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog Woods