Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleepy Sunday - Notes from Cooper

Mum could not wait for the HGTV folks to declare her messy office worthy of a make-over and she spent all day Saturday moving everything out. She still has 4 brown grocery bags full of paper that she needs to go through - some goes to the recycling bin and some need to be filed. Today she put things away and made a whole lot of labels - she even labeled me which she thought was very funny. Dozer didn't think it was funny and he ran under the bed before Mum could label him! I took some pictures of Mum's craft room/office (I think we need to give Mum positive reinforcement so she continues this path of organization.) I just hope we never have to move because Mum uses so much of her craft things and if we moved somewhere she might have to get rid of some of the things - and we like to "grab and go" - grab something off the table and make Mum chase us! BOL!

Dozer decided to check out the napping on Mum's chair mat. There's so much room now it is scary.


Anonymous said...

Your mom did an AWESOME job! But the pictures are a little appears to us that Dozer did all the cleaning and then was exhausted by the effort!
Oh, and I like to do the grab and go thing drives momma nuts!!

;D Jane

Tibby said...

Hi Cooper!
Your mom did a great job organizing her craft room! Dozer looks very comfy sleeping there! I almost couldn't tell it was him since he didn't have a label! BOL!

Peanut said...

That is very organized. Mom says she would never be that organized

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi cooper and dozer!
wow! your mom's office looks wonderful!
what a great job your mom did!
m & e

Moco said...

She did as well as those professional people. Our human loves to organize. She organizes so much she doesn't get much else done.