Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potpourri - Dozer

I was surfing blogs with Mum this morning and found some delightful new friends and places to visit. First you must go visit Noisy Dog Studio and see what wonderful treasures Leigh Jackson has created. This Chihuahua is just an example. And Leigh is having open entries to paint portraits (no obligation). Just send your picture and story of your dog and you might end up in her next calendar! Isn't that just fun? I hope she picks me because I am incredibly handsome and the ladies love me. Click here to visit Leigh.

Then there is a wonderful lady who does PenPets. Look at her pen and ink drawings and wood cuts! She is very talented and has incredibly good taste since she did a woodcut of a corgi!

You must go visit her blog and see her other artwork, it is just as wonderful as these two images.
Click here to wander on over.

These are Portuguese Water Dogs and Mum loves this drawing very much.
Sadly, Leslie Moore the artist made a tragic error in doing a woodcut of a Cardgian Corgi. Leslie, you need to do Pembrokes not Cardigans, we are much more handsome. Plus you will save on ink because we do not have tails to print! (Mum disagrees with me and says this is a Pembroke and that I need my eyes checked. I think Mum is wrong and that there are lines that look like a tail. Mum says there are not, I say there are!)

Finally, Jonquils and Ladybugs is having a giveaway today for a felted purse which I don't want but Mum seems to think would be quite nice. (Click here to see and enter). Guys don't carry purses so why Mum would think winning it would be a good idea is beyond me. Cooper says he would like it to keep his chewies in. (I think we all know this is not a good sign. Cooper needs to seek professional help because he is letting his species down!)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer and coop!
what a cool post! we are glad you found so many new friends today!
m & e

Leslie Moore said...

Pembroke? Cardigan? Hmmmmm! I'm not going to grab that argument by the tail and risk losing a brand new friend. Let's leave that distinction to the eyes of the beholders. Glad to meet you, Dozer, Cooper, Dottie, and Nancy. And thanks for showcasing my art work on your fabulous blog!

Anonymous said...

Dozer...are you sure you're not related (in spirit) to Jane? You both always make me laugh. Those are great drawings of dogs! and as for Coop wanting a purse for his chewies...there ARE man purses out there.

wally said...

Oh that's some really cool art! And when I saw those PWS I said "Those dogs are Kennedys!" And I was totes right!

I have no problems with manpurses but I would avoid the fanny pack.

wally t.

ocmist said...

These are cool...Thanks so much for sharing them... Since my Mom draws, she plans to run on over and take a look.

Dozer, I agree with you, and you need to convince your Mum to get her eyes checked... THAT is definately a TAIL!

I think Mango is right the TP needs to die when someone does something like that "Red Riding Hood" thing to us!!! Better than biting someone... BG