Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fierce Battle to Save the Bed! - Dozer

Last night as I was helping Mum get ready for bed (she constantly requires assistance in picking out her work clothes, she has no fashion sense at all) Dottie started making fearful noises towards the bed. Normally Dots just lies on her bed next to the big bed and sacks out. But last night she looked to me and then to the bed, she said the quilt was moving towards her! I have been keeping an eye on the green and white striped quilt and I knew Dottie was right and someone had to show that quilt who was in charge. And that dog was me!
This is Dottie telling me about the quilt. You can see how close it is getting to her. In very little time it would have been on her bed and then to her!
I took a subtle approach and started with a short nipping session to make sure the quilt knew I was there.
The quilt got the upper hand and Mum had to pull it off my face. I could see this was not going to be an easy fight but I was ready to defend Dottie!
I went under the quilt to find its weakest point.
I tunneled under the quilt, nipping all the way. It was a fierce battle and the give and take was exhausting!
There were some truces so we could rest before the next assault.
Then I was back to the thick of it. Bitey face into the quilt, taking no prisoners!
Eventually the battle was done and I was victorious and rested on my laurels...or quilt. Mum thanked me profusely for my bravery and skill in conquering the green and white striped quilt. Dottie was of course grateful but Cooper slept through the entire warfare. I told Mum some champagne might be in order but she said "No". She seems to say that a lot to my suggestions though I am not sure why. Still, a victory is a victory!


Casbah Kitten said...

What a Brave dog you are Dozer! You showed that quilt who was boss. Dottie's lucky to have you around in case that quilt gets ideas again.

Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
That was a long battle! I can't believe your mom wouldn't give you some champagne after all your hard work!

Corgidogmama~ said...

Our two corgi kids do the same darn thing in bed. We have a king, and it's still not big enough! Corgis are bed hogs!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, Doz, you look like you have the same personality as Izzie... she'd definitely love to snuggle with you! Mind if I box her up and ship her out your way?


Puglette said...

dozer, you are a hero! dottie and your mom would have been no match for the quilt...those were fearsome faces you were making!

Mango said...

That quilt monster is really scary. I can't believe you subdued it all by yourself. Poor Dottie never knew how close she was to peril.


Joan said...

HOORAY a VICTORY for Dozer!!! How brave you are! Dottie is so lucky to have you save the day!
Way to go Dozer!
(P.S. All those pics of you are SOOOO cute!)
Have a fun day,
Joan & Skippy