Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow! Glorious Snow! ~ from Dozer

It finally started snowing - I mean real snow! It was glorious (and it still is!). Mum took us outside last night to investigate this white stuff that kept falling. Dottie seemed like a snowflake magnet, she had so much pile up on her back that Mum had to towel her off when she came back in. Dottie got real jazzed with the snow and started running around the yard like a maniac. She ate a lot of snow until Mum stopped her from scarfing down everything in sight!
See what I mean about being a "snow magnet"? Dottie is a sponge and it didn't even bother her. There's a drift forming on her butt! BOL!
We're thinking of making a sled dog out of Dottie. Dottie got into the piles/drifts of snow. She started jumping around and barking. I think the neighbors thought this was probably entertaining at 10pm at night! (Not!)
Cooper can go either way with the snow. He gets a little jazzed but he gets cold really fast, so he's in and out pretty quickly.
This is Coop and me checking out the first snowfall last night. We're making sure this is the real thing and not a bunch of styrafoam or fake snow flocking or anything.
Yup, this is the real thing. There was so much snow falling I had to close my eyes.
I started running up and down the deck like a mad man - I LOVE SNOW!
This is my snow day portrait. Mum let me play with the ball a little bit (just a little bit). I had a great time.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi you guys!
oh what winter fun!
you got alot of snow!
m & e

Saint Lover said...

Look at all that fun white stuff! But do you mind keeping it at your house? We really dont want to share.

Puglette said...

very cute snow pictures! it is very chilly in the old pacific nw!