Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Queen's Visit - Dozer

Things were going so well with the visit from Her Majesty until Mango showed up and let loose with one of his famous farts. Suddenly the Queen had "another engagement" to get to and left. Our chances of getting knighted have disappeared in the fog of Mango's fragrance.

"Does anyone else smell something.....well, Mango'ish?"


Mango said...

Too bad Scruffy wasn't there with his blow torch. We could have launched that queen into outer space!

You know, one of her corgis looks very fat. I like her dog that sits up.


Sparky said...


Uh oh... Does Mango even know his manners? Especially when the queen's around!


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Oops...guess the Queen couldn't take the 'heat' from Mango's speciality farts...LOL!


Moco said...

The Queen should be used to dog farts with that group she has at her house. I bet they get lots of liver treats.
Those Christmas hats are pretty fun looking. We are looking forward to your card.