Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad Dog Calendar - Gotta Have It!

Mum seems enchanted with the Bad Dog daily calendar and I decided to scan some of the best of them. (I am in my cage but I brought my office in with me).

I think these dogs rock!


Peanut said...

oh we loved the last one bol

Mango said...

Does that calendar have a picture of corgis eating all the kibbles? Hee hee.


Moco said...

Those are just expressions of opinions. I agree with Mango about the corgi and cocker eating the kibble.

Jamie said...

Hi guys,
I wanted to come over and thank you for visiting our blog. Your concern over Payton was very sweet. She is doing really great. We have made some new friends through Mango's blog and will be checking back with you guys soon. I was born and raised in Portland and Mark lived in Baker, Salem, and Portland. We still have our Parents there. Oregon is a very special place to live.