Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful

The rainy season has begun in Oregon. This signals the time to begin napping on warm laps in front of fire places. I have begun intensive training each evening in preparation for bed. Yawn..
More back, down lower

Hmmm, scratch a little bit more to the right

You keep pulling my fur like that and you will
be pulling your hand out of my throat in a second
after I bite your fingers off!


Moco said...

We in Oregon know how to treat a fall and winter. Lots of lap sitting with anyone who happens to be sitting down.

River said...

We're so ready for fall!! Cool weather makes us all snuggle, except we need a bigger couch! My mom thinks you are beautiful and wonders how you keep so shiny clean?

love & wags,

Puglette said...

You are beautiful! I bet you have really soft corgi furs too...

Nancy and the fatties said...

Lookin at all these pictures of Dozer Dozin is making Howie sleepy....!!! : ) We can't wait for winter. It is the best pugsnuggling weather of all.

Mango said...

You have the peoples well trained.


the Corgi Girls said...

Oh SO beautiful you are Doz!

M & I