Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ever Wonder?

I thought it would be interesting this evening to see what sort of pictures Mum has on her phone. She seems to snap them occasionally and I was curious to see what she has. Since Mum is watching the Oregon State University v. USC football game on television, I corraled Dottie to help me download the pictures.
Hmm, why would Mum waste digital digits on Cooper? He's giving Mum his googly eyes. Mum is a real softy for Coop's soft muzzle and eyes. Little does she know...

This is how I spend my evenings before Dad comes to bed. I lie with Mummy and get an evening back rub and then I stretch out and watch PBS.
Ah, here are my googly eyes. I seem to have lost my right ear but it usually snaps right back up.
Cover the children's' eyes! Mum really needs to filter her pictures. I think she was trying to capture the really long hair between my pads on my feet. Who knew she would show how big my hips are? It's the camera, it always adds 10 pounds!

Ahh, nothing like a little sleep on one's back to get the trip to Sand Land off to a good start!

Note the nice turn of the head. Not all dogs can be this stylish, it takes a professional.

Ah, my winsome look that just says "This dog needs a scratch behind the ears and a good tummy rub!"

Cooper again? This is Coop tucked in for the night. He was shivering so Mum got a towel and tucked him up in it. What a wooose!

Apparently Coop warmed up sufficiently that he got on top of his towel. He is so fickle!

More pictures of Cooper? Mum loves it when Cooper splays out on the floor. He looks like a rug for Pete's sake!

Ah, this was a great car Mum saw on a Saturday antique foray. The owner had glued small plastic soldiers and dinosaurs and animals all over the hood and roof. Sort of a mobile art feast.
Oh give me a break! Mum says this one is different because Cooper has his head between his paws. Yeah right. He's a rug Mum!

This is from 2007 - Mum needs to clear out the files a bit. This is the Women of Faith Conference in Portland, Oregon that Mummy goes to every year with Aunt Margaret. We are not allowed to go because it is 45,000 singing Christian women waving their arms and bouncing off the ceiling. Mum loves it because it is at the Rose Quarter and they make all the men's' bathrooms accessible to women so there is almost no waiting in line. I guess it is the simple pleasures in life. Me, the whole world is my toilet so you can put a sign up on the door but it doesn't stop me! BOL!

And this would be Aunt Margaret - isn't she a cutie? She loves me best of all, pretty much because she has never met Cooper or Dottie. Hey, she thinks of me as her little Dozer-Man and that suits me fine.

Mum took this picture of the ceiling at the restaurant where she and Aunt Margaret had dinner last year after the conference was over. She tried taking a picture of the menu because it has ostrich filets on it, which she found odd and strangely upsetting. Yeech, who would eat an ostrich? They have long, skinny legs and all those feathers...

And here we end up with me asleep in Dad's lap, which I do each evening. I am very possessive of Dad's lap and go slightly insane when Cooper gets up in my spot. Mum says Cooper plans all this because I immediately get off Mum's lap and jump up on Dad's lap and then Cooper moves over to Mum's lap and settles in for some lovin'. I don't understand this psychology stuff and I sincerely doubt that Cooper has any idea of what he is doing, but if it makes Mummy happy to analyze dogs, more power to her.

Well, that pretty winds up the photo-logue for this evening. I think we have all learned a valuable lesson - leave Mum's pictures on her phone, these are incredibly boring - except for the pictures of me of course.


Moco said...

That is quite the photo display. All Grammie has on her phone is pictures of the floor. She always hits a wrong button.
Dawson lays like Coop all the time. Maybe they are both rugs. He is always shivering also.
Those were great shots of you, Dozer. You balance on your back really well.

Mango said...

I don't think you want to go with all those singing ladies. It must be SUPER LOUD!

Cooper is a rug, no doubt about it.

Love your centerfold poses, little dude.


Nancy and the fatties said...

Thank yew fur sharing those pictures. I have been wonderin fur a long time what picture are on your mom's phone. My mom has a phone with pictures, but she is too dumb to know how to download them. Um *gulp* did you ever find that missing ear???
your pal,
Howard Pee

Peanut said...

You mom needs to clear her camera of pictures once in awhile. Those were some nice ones you shared with us.

Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh my mommy would love to go to that Women of Faith concert. She says your mommy is soooo lucky!!!


the Corgi Girls said...


M & I