Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coop in Print!

Check out Cooper's button from his page. He made the newsletter and he isn't going to let any of us forget it! Nice goin' Coop, keep us in the news!


Janice and Gerald said...

I was surfing looking for people with a love for cross stitch, and came across this delightful blog. It really caught my eye, as I am also addicted to Corgies. My most recent dog (we are currently between) was a Pembroke and I miss her terribly. We are currently relocating to Quadra Island, BC and are interested in how to find out about rescue dogs. Is there a particular place to find Corgies that are up for adoption/rescue.
Keep up the great writing!

Moco said...

Thanks for the award. It will be going up on my sidebar today. That is the new pig's ear that we are trying to turn.
You did a fine job on the candy cane. Dawson is our destructo in this house. It's almost Christmas and time for a new one anyway.
We can go for that More Treats platform.

Peanut said...

His head will be twice as big as it is now.