Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We Search for the Elusive Apples

I am looking for the apples. I know they are here somewhere.
This is my good side - still looking for those apples. Where are they?
They sit up in the tree and are getting ripe.
Why won't they fall down so I can eat them?
Dottie looks for the apples in the pine cone section of the yard.
She cannot find apples either, but she keeps looking.
Wait a minute! What is Cooper eating? He has an apple
and he is not sharing! Bad Cooper! Bad! Bad!
But there must be another one here somewhere.
Do you see any apples? I will keep looking because I want one!


Mango said...

Too bad your legs are so short. I've been pulling apples right off the tree (bad dog).


Saint Lover said...

Our old house had several apple trees. It was almost impossible to keep the dogs out of the apples on the ground. Apollo and Brutus would pull them right off the branches to eat. But they have a bit longer legs than your lot.

Peanut said...

Did you find any?