Wednesday, August 13, 2008

River is our BFF!

Look what our beagle bud River gave us! We were completely overwhelmed that he would give us the highly coveted BFF Gold Card! Cooper gets to carry it first and then I get to, and of course Dottie can put it in her purse and show it off as well. Thank you River, we are very, very touched!

When you receive the BFF Gold Card you have to pass it onto 5 (count'em 5) friends. And this is a little tough because we have a lot of bloggy friends but we have whittled the names down to our short list.

1. Howie and the Fatties in Texas. Howie is currently incarcerated and may be able to use the card as a "Get Out of Jail Card". We love Howie and his sibs - and their mother's artwork is incredible! Who knew Texas had so many colors? Click here to visit them.

2. Moxie and Izzie, the Corgi Lounge girls. These guys crack us up every day. We love their antics and pictures. They just make us smile. Click here to visit them.

3. The gang at Preppy Pugs! BOL! How can you not love a pug rescue family? Plus their Mum is a nurse so probably have really cool stuff that they take out of her purse like stethoscopes and tongue depressors. Click here to visit them.

4. Lenny @ Wire Wise is the most creative dog we have ever met. He and his Mum are doing the Paw-limpics and we are just in awe of their talent. We are lucky to have them as our friends! Click here to visit them.

5. PEANUTS! Who doesn't love Peanuts? We all love him and his brother, Flash! I am one with Peanuts - who needs a brother when there is so much of us to love! Click here to visit them.

6. Willow is also really special to us. We love his looks and his attitude on life. He plays dress-up too which makes him like family. And he farts...just like us! Whooo hoo! Willow rocks! Click here to visit him.

Thank you River! We've passed on the love!


Sparky said...

Dozer, Cooper!

Congratulations on your BFF Gold Card Award, you totally deserved it! And guess what? I gave you that award too! You can see it at my blog!


River said...

You're welcome! Bless your hearts!

love & wags,

Lenny said...

THANK YOU for the honor!

Peanut said...

Oh my goodness thank you so much. I am so happy now. Thank you Thank you