Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Howie! Write Your Congressman!

Howie is in jail, his Mother has him locked away in Texas. (See note below). She calls it "Time Out" but I think we all know what it really is. We are worried about Howie - he may be on a bread and water diet. How can he survive on that? Mum says I am becoming over dramatic - get real!

It is time to get a posse together and go save Howie. I tried to call the ASPCA but I haven't got thumbs either and I ended up dialing a 1-900 number and there was a very nice person at the end of the phone who promised all sorts of things until Mummy hung the phone up. I was just trying to help Howie, how could I know the lady named Bambi Delight wouldn't be able to help me? Mum can be so narrow sometimes.

Tonight if I had knees I would get on them and ask everyone at the Rainbow Bridge to help me get Howie out of lock up. But Corgis haven't got knees, we haven't even got much of legs. So get the word out and sign up (to the right) and let us know if we can count you in to save this poor pug in Texas.

Howee's message:

Hey, Willow, Dozer, can you call the double a ess pee cee aye??? I don't got no thumbs and I'm locked up here in The Time Outs Zone fur fartin. It ain't rite!!!!!!yer good pal awaiting extradition,Bad Pee


Willow the Black Dale said...

Howie don't fear I am on my way. Beasely, Deetz and I.... well we bottle up our farts for emergencies just like this. We pass them on to each other for escapes just like this. I will run over to Beasely and Deetzy's blogs and send them on over to join our plight of Save Howie!!!

Who has ever heard of such a thing.....Prison for Fartin.


River said...

We have Baby who farts enough for all of us. We could send help.

love & wags,

Sparky said...


Oh now, Howee was put in jail for fartin'? That's just not right, I tell ya!

Unfortunately I cannot join in on this mission, I have a mission myself right now that has to do with the stupid cats. But I wish you luck!


Willow the Black Dale said...

How many do we have to join our mission??? Have you heard from Howie??? Is he sending fart signals??


Peanut said...

Oh man I'm kind of close to texas wonder if I can get over there and free him.