Saturday, August 2, 2008

No Camping This Weekend

We didn't go camping this weekend after all. Mum didn't feel very well on Friday and came home from work early and did a face plant into her pillow. So Cooper and I got up on the bed with her and made sure she slept with no interruptions. The pawrents are supposed to go up to Olympia next weekend and they say one of us will go with them, and two of us are going to Inavale Farm (my favorite place in the whole world!). I am pretty sure Dottie isn't going North because she barks and I really want to go to the Farm because I can play in the pond and roll in horse poopies (it's a horse farm with a 2-story dog kennel and indoor and outdoor play areas and field romps and a pond and just a totally dawg paradise). So Cooper is going to the groomer next week because if he goes North he is going to visit Grandmummy Edwards at the Foss Home and he needs to be soft and good-looking (lots luck there Ms. Groomer, it is Cooper after all! BOL!)


So this afternoon (Saturday) Mum was reading her book about the History of Alexandria (Egypt) in the hammock and I was starving. No seriously, I was starving to the point of passing out. And the apple tree is just chock full of delicious apples and they are ready to fall. I tried to make them fall using my incredible psychic abilities but to no avail. Stupid Apples!

Come on pretty apples, fall into my mouth!

Maybe if I give this branch a little jiggle something will fall down.

Okay, here it is the full blown "stand-on-my-Corgi legs" stance.
Fall down you d%$* apples!

Dad finally shook the tree and we all got one apple apiece. Not enough to fill my tummy but enough for the moment. Of course Dottie and Cooper each got one - not like they did any work though! Sheesh!
Dottie ate her apple and the leaves and the branch.
She is starving to death too.

Goodness only knows what Cooper is doing with his apple.
If he keeps this up I am trading him to the circus as a sword swallower! BOL!


Saint Lover said...

Feel better soon!

River said...

Apples will keep you healthy if for no other reason than the exercise of getting just one!

love & wags,

Nancy and the fatties said...

Love the pictures and your little ones are so cute in their hunt for apples. If I had an apple tree, I'm afraid the pugs would never stop eating!
nancy and the fatties in toasty texas

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL!!!! You guys are a riot... I think all corgis 'roud the world would agree we are all starving... I can't believe you went for the apples, BOL!

Sorry we haven't had much time to blog lately, Mumsies had to finish some stuff up for school and its taking her f o r e v e r... sheez. We'll be back in the swing of things soon!!! We miss you!

M & I

Preppy Pugs said...

You guys must really like the apples. We wish we had a garden or something to pick our own treats. We would plant carrots and a banana tree. Do you think a banana tree would grow in Florida? We will have to Google that and find out. Tell your mum to feel better soon.

Nancy and the fatties said...

LOL! we just got your note Nancy *twilight zone music plays in background* and perhaps you are living in a MIRROR UNIVERSE with your fatties up there and my fatties down here. Do your fatties jiggle when they walk? If the answer is yes, I will really be amazed!!
xxoo from Texas from Nancy and the porkypies (is that better?)

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

How clever of you to get those apples to fall.

Hope your mom is feeling better.

Levi and Cooper