Sunday, July 27, 2008

Star Photos

Now that we have won an award (okay maybe we didn't win an award, Peanut gave it to us, but we could have won an award - so let's not get stuck on the symantics), I was thinking we need photo shoots so I have glam shots to sign and send to would-be fans. I thought this shot was sort of okay, it shows my general disdain for my brother but I am peeking to see who is looking at me. And Coop looks totally out of it. What is it with him and the camera? Well, never no mind about Coop because the good news is that Mum got us both in the same frame which is nigh on a miracle.

Dottie cannot get on the couch because of her age and short legs, so Mummy took a special picture of her so she would not feel left out. Truth is the linoleum is the coolest place for Dots to rest on hot days like today. Mum found where Dottie has been lying next to the wall and now she is cleaning the wall now - getting the corgi hair off and other dog stuff off, like Dottie's paw prints from when she lies on her back and pushes off the wall.

Dottie lies right against the front door so she knows when someone is coming in or leaving. I think it must be some sort of separation issue. She's gotten passed around enough in her life, so this would make sense. Mum is rolling her eyes, she thinks I "over think" issues. Mummy says Dottie sleeps against the door because there is a draft that comes through and is cooling. We may never know.

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Peanut said...

Flash sleeps against the door to and I think he does it for the same reason you think Dottie does. Because it is way to hot to want the air from outside coming in.