Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saints Alive!

Arrrooo! How cool are these "doggles"? I want a pair! Mum says I don't need them but who cares? I want them (he says stamping his short little legs on the floor!)!

Recognize those two saints? I do 'cause they are some of my favorite buds. You can find out about their lives at It's the Dogs Life and the competitions they are enrolled in. I just thought Saints lived on mountains and rescued skiers but apparently there is a lot more to them. The other thing that I have come to learn is that if I were standing next to a St. Bernard I would barely come up to their shoulder. That is a little bit intimidating but I could always run under them and nip their tummies. Not that I would of course! But I need to have a good defence in line just in case. (I had a bad experience with some big dogs at daycare who bit my little Corgi butt and I still get a case of the jitters around big dogs until I know them).

All that aside, the Saints would like the Dozer Web Award and we certainly think anyone who will wear doggles should get whatever they want. 'Sides, Mummy thinks they are so cute that she wants to scoop them up and give them both a big Oregon hug. (Yeah, "scoop up" two St. Bernards - with what Mum? A backhoe? A snow plow? These two are bigger than our couch! Mothers can be so out of it at times)!

We hope you guys and the rest of your family do great in your upcoming exhibitions/contests and just know we're rootin' and tootin' for you in far off Oregon!


Sparky said...

Congratulations to the saints! I'm sure they definitely deserve this award!


Saint Lover said...

OOOH my goodness!!!! Thank you so much for this award! We are so honored and thrilled to be featured on your blog.

And for the record... you'd need a backhoe... lol

Thanks again,