Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cooper Rocks

Cooper's da man! He is inside the Mutts Comics website as one of their shelter stories! I think Mum got this picture before Coop figured out the camera business and decided to opt out of his portrait sessions. He's lookin' pretty regal there. Of course Coop is so shy and retiring he won't say anything about it, but I think he should get to be the star occasionally (just not all the time, 'cause I am a Corgi and we always have to be the center of attention!)


Saint Lover said...

awe what a sweet photo!

Willow the Black Dale said...

How could anyone resist this face!!! I am so so happy you are living with Dozer. Maybe you too can be a good influence on him.
Did you see the cool award he gave me!! I am so excited. Oh my dawg this rocks!!!!
Woohoo for Dozer and Cooper. We just new we loved you guys! (we would still love you even if we didn't get the award. due to my mom's fondness for corgi's)

BIG Smooches,

Peanut said...

woo hoo Coop man. that is a very great picture