Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooper Sick

Mum thinks all the cow hooves have made Cooper throw up. So she gathered them all up and they are on the kitchen counter where we cannot reach them. Coop has been throwing up a couple of times a day (mainly yellow stuff Da calls "bile") but he is still happy as a clam. Mum says we are all going on a bland diet of rice and chicken until Coop stops barfing which is fine by me - hey, chicken beats kibble hands down! Mum also got the Pepto Bismol out and if Cooper sends his breakfast out into the universe he will get a teaspoon to settle his tummy. I sincerely hope it will freshen his breath as well. Pee-you! I don't know how Mum can get Cooper to stop eating poo, she has already spent a small fortune on products, none of which have worked. And Dottie is a poo-eater too. Crikey! I go out to do my toilette and those two vagabonds are sitting right by my butt waiting for something to come out. I mean, do you know how disconcerting that is? And it isn't like we don't get lots to eat. Mum is at a total loss as to why those two scamper around eating poo like it was a snack. I guess there is no accounting for taste.


Peanut said...

Oh we hope cooper feels better soon. We really really do. That poo eating is odd.

Mango said...

Hi Cooper. I hope you are feeling better. Momma recently switched us from bully sticks and cow hooves and such to recreational marrow bones (they are raw frozen cow parts). She says our poopies are better since then and not so much sinky breath (they are also cheaper).