Monday, July 9, 2012

We're Bachelors and It's Cool!

Mum in in North Carolina so Dad is making the house into a bachelor pad and we are loving it! Dad sends Mom notes on Facebook to let her know we are not taking our pills, having fattening snacks and staying up all night. He told her we were having chicken fried steak and french fries last night and he sent pictures showing us fishing and checking out the tundra and turf. Mum doesn't believe a word of what Daddy sends but she knows we are having fun being 'just the guys'.

The good news is that Mum is with her family and there are no dogs there and all she can do is miss us! BOL!

This is me fishing during our walk at the Park. I don't actually fish, I was really drinking water because it was a bit warm.

This is evidence that Coop and I really do get along. Here we are conferring on some pee-mail. Cooper relies on my expert discerning sense of smell.


Molly The Wally said...

Mum will be back soon and so right at least there are no dogs so you are missed no doubt big time.
Best wishes Molly

Reuben said...

Whoo hoo, party time with Daddy! I is Reuben, by the way, and I sawed you on Mango's blog and stopped by to pee in your yard - uh, I mean - to wag my tail at you. I no can wait to hear more of your adventures!

chicamom85 said...

I hate when my Mommy goes away, I hope she comes back soon.

Loveys Sasha