Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip to Krausie

Tonight Mum took us to visit our favorite friend, Krausie. (His real name is Elwell, but we call him Krausie). We got to go in the car and hang our heads out the window and throw our drool to the wind. Finally we arrived at Krausie's farm and we had treats and got impatient while Mum and Krausie chatted and looked at things on the computer. At long last we got to be the center of attention (about time!). First, we sat on Krausie's lap

Cooper went first and got a nice rub down.
I chatted with Krausie on a number of topics.

Then we went outside.
This is Krausie's 1955 tractor. Mum loves it. Mum wants it.

Then I found bunny poop and stuff to roll in. I was in heaven, I still am. Mum says I smell "interesting" which is another word for "unsavory" or not so good. Here are some action shots of my roll in the poop de bun-bun.

Heaven is rolling in poopy grass.


Dory and the Mama said...

I'm with you Dozer...stinky poop is the best!!


Mango said...

You should visit that guy more often. Sounds like he has all the right stuff for fun; snuggles and poopy grass.


bbes tribe said...

We agree with Mango! You need to talk Mom into taking you there more often. Awesome rolling in poop.....
good job!

Anonymous said...

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