Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We's Gots a Nanny!

The kits at The Casbah Kitten said Heidi from Kitty Meow Meow is really our Nanny! How cool is that? We had no idea but we are really excited to learn we now has a Nanny. Cooper went on-line to learn about Nannies 'cause we aren't exactly sure what's a Nanny really is.

Apparently these Nanny sorts live on top of mountains and sing quite a bit.

And during their off hours, these Nanny types fly around with umbrellas (risky behavior if you ask me...I'm just sayin')

But check out the sheep! Whoo whooo! We can't wait for Heidi to bring the sheep...maybe tomorrow? We love sheep - just look how much we loved Mr. Goat (till his head fell apart).

Plus there's More!

We got a big envelope from Natasha Kirker! It is part of the Paws it Forward movement and we are so excited!! Mum is going to open it tomorrow and we will show you all our neat gifts and then it will be our turn to paws it forward!

Natasha has a neat website called Sparkle and Metal which Mum fell in love with (we're monitoring her time on the site and we took her magic card away). Check it out by clicking here.


The Nanny said...

Awwww....I know I've made my way when I get mentioned in Dozer and Cooper's blog!

I will be sure to have my flock of sheep with me on my next visit. Can't disappoint. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. You guys think it's all fun and games now but just wait until that Nanny lines you two up on the steps and makes you sing!! Or sews you some little outfits from the curtains! I don't think your Mom would like that.

Peanut said...

Just joined the blog! :)

Laurie said...

Where's your Paw It Forward post??? :)