Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Class Down, More to Come ~ Dozer

 I finished Level 1 Obedience last night with Mum. I thought she picked up on things quite well although her foot/hand/eye coordination is sorely lacking. I have a couple of weeks off and then I start Level 2 Obedience.

 I had a chewie before class to get me fired up.
 Mum is sure I am not even chewing my chewies because they disappear so quickly.
 This is my pal Lucy, the black lab. She is still a pup and full of energy.
 Here is Hersey, who is a Tolle Retriever. He is young too but really, really smart.
 Recognize Julie from my earlier blog entry? This is where she gives us instructions which Mum promptly forgets.
 Another chewie break.
 Nom, nom, nom, nom. Nothing better than two chewies in one evening.
When we got home I was full of treats and ready for bed!

This is me looking forward to my next class with Julie!

Dad said Cooper sat on the couch looking out the window the entire time we were gone. Mum felt sorry for him, I did not. I showed Cooper my two tricks I learned - I can spin in a circle and I can "bow", Cooper watched and then Mum gave him a treat and he didn't do anything! Cooper said that was pretty cool about the tricks and then he waddled off to find apples in the backyard. Mum says Coop is too old and arthritic for obedience school. I think he is too dumb but that's just my Corgi opinion.

Wonder Dogs Academy for Gifted Canines - click here (Mum says this is not really the name of my obedience school, it is just Wonder Dogs. But I think it is a TAG (talented and gifted) program for dogs like me).


Pearl said...

Dozer, you are so smart! You're a scholar!

Have I ever told you that I just love your little white paws? They are so cute.


Kari in WeHo said...

Congrats on finishing level 1!

Don't forget, we moved to

ocmist said...

WOW! Alone time with you Mum AND snackies! You are one LUCKY corgi dog! New places like that are so interesting, too, to keep our brains busy! The CCC

Bri said...

dozer, you are becoming quite talented! mix that with your stunning looks, and you are gonna go far!
sammy is far from that talented! he can sit, stay (when he wants to), dance (only for a treat!), kissey, and "up" to get picked up into the car or on the bed! maybe he needs some lessons, too!!