Friday, September 3, 2010

In Dire Straits - Send HELP NOW!

Please tell Mum we do not need an otter! We only have one bath tub and one wading pool. If we get an otter, I will never get my pool time! Mum thinks they are cute but Cooper says they eat kibble and will get into our treat bin and we will never get another treat.

Why I ask? Why? Why? Of all the families that could have adopted me, why did I get sent to this nut house, uh, ill-requpped, umm these people? I am going to write to Bertie, Bailey and Martha and see if I can go visit them back in my home country.

Good idea Bertie boy, a drink will make this all go away!

Martha and Bailey have a wonderful glass porch and toys that I could play with while I regain my sanity. (big sigh).

Mum has a long weekend coming up so I expect I can get a photo shoot in - having her home will wreak havoc on my nap schedule, but what is a corgi to do? Happy Labor Day to all our fellow Americans and ex-pats.

Love, Dozer


Bouncing Bertie said...

Oh do come! Please. It would be SO exciting. And there are about a zillion distilleries that we could visit together. An so many exciting places to explore.
Can't wait.
Toodle pip! Bertie.
PS Apparently we do have otters here too (I personally haven't seen one yet). But that's not a problem is it??

Kari in WeHo said...

Aww you have a great family even if they do get crazy ideas sometimes!

Don't forget, we moved to

the booker man said...

you can totally come stay with me 'n asa if your mama really does go crazy and get an otter!!
the booker man

River said...

An otter? Wow, do they stink like fish? That might be fun.

love & wags,

ocmist said...
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ocmist said...

An Otter? Who's talking about getting an otter? Are they even something you can have for a pet? Don't tell Grammy about this or we might be sharing OUR kibble with one!

Still, if you can get away and spend some time with Martha and Bailey, THAT would be fun! They go to such beautiful places!


Anonymous said...

An otter!? Is your Mom crazypants!?? Does she know that they are wicked hyperactive and will trash the house? Can they even be house trained?? I think not. Maybe you could act like an otter this weekend and show your Mom just what she would be in for. . . .