Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Obedience Class - by Dozer

I am in Level 1 Obedience at Wonder Dogs in Philomath, Oregon. Julie Flanery is my instructor and I am in love with Sharon who is her assistant. They both have unlimited treats and they think I am cute. Julie referred to me being "short" but I think she really meant "low slung" - sometimes my good looks can be blinding and people can be speechless.

This is where we have our class. It is a neat building with padded floors and lots of room for us to practice all our lessons. There is a wall with a mirror from top to bottom. I like to be across from it so I can look at myself. Mum says that it is distracting because I keep waving at myself.
This is Julie my instructor. She is writing down things I need to remember in order. I never forget the part where I get a treat for doing something right!
This is me looking at you. Isn't the floor nifty? It looks like a puzzle and goes squishy when you walk on it!
This is my bud, Toby. He is "low slung" like me. He is a dachsund. He is a little shy.
This is Julie. Isn't she pretty? Yeah, I think so too. She is really good, I will do anything she asks because her pockets are loaded with never-ending treats!
And this is Sharon. She has big pockets with lots of treats too. She never stops smiling. Probably because I am so good looking.

Julie said I can sign up for Level 2 Obedience which starts in September(!) Mum is very excited but she said it will be a lot of work so I will have to pay attention and study my workbook.

Once I finish Level 2, there are more classes I can take. I like going to school. Mum and I have time together and I get lots of treats. But I do get tired and Mum is going to give me a massage before bed tonight.

Night, Dozer Dog


Puglette said...

what a neat place to practice! i think a big mirrored wall would be lots of fun if you were waving at it!

ocmist said...

Congratulations on your graduation! We LOVE people with lots of treats in their pockets, too! People ALWAYS smile when they see one of us smiling corgis. Grammy says we are automatic "Smile Makers!" She even made some T-Shirt designs on CafePress that says that!

OC: Grammy read about doggie massage in a magazine at the hospital the other day, so now she's giving me some to help my back. Sure feels GOOOOOOOD doesn't it!?

Bouncing Bertie said...

The neverending treat thing is just great isn't it? My human Gail says she wishes her school had operated on the same incentive system as puppy class!
Toodle pip!

Anonymous said...

Dozer, that's really great that you're getting to go to obedience classes and all but after reading this post Momma said: "I wish there were obedience classes for cats." And dude, she looked right AT me!! Then she got all quiet and I could tell she was thinking. . . . I'm getting a little worried. Thanks a LOT Dozer!


Pee Ess....have fun at your next class! I think you can EASILY become teacher's pet.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

The corgi kids here will do most anything for anyone with puffy pockets! Have fun, and do well!

Tee said...

good boy dozer! :)

Licks and wags

The Dog WOods Pack

Martha and Bailey said...

Oh Dozer, you have made us so proud.
How well you have done and yes of course you look very handsome.
Those trainers could not fail to love you.
We also love humans who fill their pockets with treats!!!
We liked your friend Toby - he was rather handsome too!
love and kisses
Martha and Bailey xxx

Peppy Sheppys said...

Whoa, you must be smart with all that school learnin'. Both sheppys are obedience school dropouts but Wally was an ace who would do ANYTHING you asked of him in class and then ignore the ma ape at home. It was HILARIOUS.

Otis and the Sheps w/Pep

Mango said...

So you will be in graduate skool soon just like me! I love obedience skool too because there are nommy treats and lots of other doggies and it is total momma time with no annoying siblings.


Moco said...

That looks like a nice place to go and learn how to behave. We could use that in this house.

dreameyce said...

Galaxy says GREAT on the obedience classes, but to make sure if there's an important reason you need to show it off, to pretend you don't know anything about it. That's important, as it's fun to watch your Mom flush, and studder when her well-trained dog acts like they've never learned a word their whole lives! It's the Corgi way!!

So cool you have such a nice facility there in Philomath, all the more reason for us to move just west of there ;) heehee (We dream of Alsea!)

Kari in WeHo said...

I sure like that floor. It looks like a great place to go to school.

Don't forget, we moved to