Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of Detention!

I still don't get my picture as the profile picture for the blog back, but I can move freely again and rejoin the family unit! Whoo hoo!

Cooper had to go to the vet on Saturday to get his ear checked, its the one I tagged. He didn't have to get stitches or anything.

Mum and I took a little nap out in the garden before she left for Washington State to visit family.

 This was our walk tonight at Philomath Park, we got to play in the water and mud.


Anonymous said...

We're glad you're out of detention Dozer, but DUDE! Don't do it again!!!

Pearl said...

Dozer, I am sooo glad you are free again!

Please, please, please learn from your actions... ok? be NICE to Cooper!!!!


Neeko said...

Hi Dozer!

Welcome back to Freedom :-)
Hope you told Cooper how sorry you are... That is what I do after me "evil twin" leaves; I apologize to whomever "he" mistreated.

Be good,
Neeko ♥

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Um....what exactly is "fud"??? You mention that you "have a great yard to run in, a wading pool, fud and three Rubbermaid bins of toys and outfits." I want to know if I have "fud" too.

In anticipation of your prompt and courteous response, I remain...Yours Truly,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Mary-Margaret O'Brien said...

Thanks for the explanation of "fud"...rhyming with "food", not "mud". I am everly so relieved. Your mom likes Victorian stuff? My mom reads Phillipa Gregory books (or is it Philippa?). They're pretty good and make pretty word pictures in her head, too!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: I used to have "fud" in my backyard, but it was plums and you know what plums are when they get old? Well, young prunes do the same thing. I'm no longer allowed my "fud". Drat!

Mango said...

You know, little Dozer, it does occur to me that maybe you or Cooper have some sickies that either made him look like bait or made you super grouchy. Of course it could be just that he was being himself.


ocmist said...

Glad you have been forgiven, Dozer. I'm sure you will think twice before you ever do that again. BG