Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our last agility class - Coop was not invited!

 THIS IS MY AGILITY CLASS NOT COOPER'S!!! But Mum brought him along because he has been sad about Dottie leaving us. I said it was okay but it was a huge mistake. Cooper wasn't left in the car because Mum said it was too hot. So he hogged all the attention and everyone thought he was cute and he didn't even do any agility.

 This is Elaine and Albert (this is from last week). Albert has lots of fur, more than me.
 Check out Albert's feathers on his butt! He is a true corgi!
Jaeger the brown and white Dalmatian is on the left and Riley is on the right. They are a lot more advanced in agility than the rest of us but they are very nice about it.
 There is Sharon our teacher, Elaine, me and Albert. Corgis rule!
There is Cooper horning in on my friends. It was really hot so we drank lots of water.

Mum fell down running the agility course with me and hurt her knee. She definitely does not bounce as well as she used to since entering her 50's. It was embarrassing, there was Mum splayed out on the ground and I was already on the A-Frame ready to hit the jumps.

I made Mum take this picture of me when we got home lest you forget whose blog this is.

PS: Mum says "Thank you" to all the lovely blog friends who sent their prayers, heartfelt words and notes to us after Dottie had to leave us. You made Mum cry with your tenderness and kindness during this difficult time.

PSS: And Mango, I read you note and we are not crazy as loons. Dottie may have seemed "normal" but she was one brick short of a full load if you catch my drift. Cooper and I are colorful, full of energy and imaginative. We keep Mum in line and working off the calories. If not for us, she'd be a couch potato and have nothing of interest to say to anyone.


Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi Dozer
My human Gail says she can SO relate to that comment about not bouncing as well once you enter your fifties. I of course, am just a young pup and as you might guess from my name, VERY bouncy!
I am also very impressed that corgis do agility. Sometime this summer Gail has promised to take me on a walk around Balmoral Castle where we might meet the Queen's corgis, who, when you see them on telly, do not always look so agile!
Toodle pip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dozer,

That agility class looks like fun! But your mom's knee does NOT look like fun!! Hope it heals up quickly.
As for Cooper horning in on your friends. . . . that's just what siblings do. We all know YOU are the real star here.

Kari in WeHo said...

I sure hope you gave your mom lots of kisses to make her knee and heart feel better!

Don't forget! We've moved to dogisgodinreverse.com

Mango said...

Hey! Nothing wrong with making mom move. I, myself, am not prone to actual movement and so momma tends to let her jolly bottom expand. Lazy!

Yuh, and she falls down at agilities sometimes too and just hits the ground like a bag of bricks. No more bouncing for her either.


Penny and Patches said...

We are sorry we're late! We are soooo sorry about Dottie! We hope she's running free with her previous owner at the rainbow bridge.

Penny & Patches

River said...

We would like a video sometime of your agilities. Maybe not so much of your mum not bouncing. It's amazing how your knees work so well now.

love & wags,

ClassyChassy said...

It is too bad your mom had to embarrass you with that spill - you will get over it, in time. I hope she takes coordination classes to help her in the future - after all, she's only got 2 legs - what would she do if she had FOUR??? Come by and see our clean dining room, okay? Pictures are BEFORE the Corgis were allowed into it!

dewdana said...

Sorry Cooper distracted your fans, he is kinda cute though. Bet you are all missing dottie even if some won't admit it.
Moose + Momma
owie on your mom! Even with all of my padding I do not take a fall like I used to. sigh.

Peppy Sheppys said...

Albert has got one great fluffy bum. I think corgis might be on to something because with those little legs they don't have as far to fall. We would love to see you do agilities--ZOOOOOOOOM!

Sheps w/Pep and Otis.

ocmist said...

Grammy says she may be round like a ball, but she doesn't bounce like one either! She really feels bad for your Mum, too!

We loved seeing the pics from your Agilities class, and meeting all your friends there. Hope you didn't give your ouchy Mum to much trouble after that tumble! Mercy says you have a really nice smile, Dozer... OC