Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Dozer, Bad, Bad, Bad!

I have been a very bad corgi.
I attacked Cooper this morning to get his bone.
Mum had to dive in and tear me loose from Coop.
I bit Cooper by his right eye.

Mum yelled at me.
Dad yelled at me.
Dottie gave me stinky eye looks.

Cooper forgave me on the spot.
He's just that way.

I will spend the day reflecting on my behavior.
I will try to be a better corgi.
Otherwise I will not be allowed to blog anymore.

I am a sad corgi today.


Samantha said...

Oh Dozer. Not good. Poor Cooper! Is Coop okay? I hope you still get to blog - not surprised you got stinky looks and yelling though - not nice. We know you will ruminate on all this today! And I still send you big hugs as well as to Cooper - loves you both!

Pearl said...

DOZER! Bad bad boy.

Poor Cooper is all lame and limpy, and you have to go and do this.

I forgive you, because I can't be mad when I look at your cute face. But DON'T do it again, ok???

ClassyChassy said...

You must be more careful and courteous!!! We would miss your blogging!

Anonymous said...

Dozer, I'm shocked and appalled... but then if Coop had a bone... and you wanted it... hmmm. What else were you to do??

Plead temporary insanity. That always works on TV.

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Sorta sounds like status quo at our house. Particularly regarding the bone thing. But if you find yourself in real trouble? Call Martha and Bailey - they seem to be most excellent attorneys. And I think they take payment in cookies (or 'biscuits' since they are across the pond). I'm just saying... You know, in case things get bad...

*kissey face*

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh no! All members of the same species must be friendly towards each other at all times!!!
Well....humans don't live by that code, so why should our animals?
Poor ol' bad little corgi.....

dewdana said...

Dozer! Cooper is a poor hurt lil guy. You be nice! Remember when your knee was busted and you were sorta defneseless and all you had to look forward to to pass the time was a bone. Oh dear. I am sure you will come to your senses and Mom and Dad will forgive you (because I am sure that is just how they are). You are a good boy I know you just forgot your manners for a minute. Hang in there buddy!

Mango said...

Dozer! That is scary. It reminds me of when I tried to eat PeeWee because he had a cone on his head. Sometimes doggies with sickies seem like they should be bullied, but it isn't true!


P.S. Just if it makes you feel better, we are not allowed to enjoy bones in the same room EVER because I am quite determined (momma says mean and scary) about having all of them to myself.

the booker man said...

aww, mr. dozer, i'm sure you just had a cranky pants moment, but you can't treat coop like that, especially with his bum leggie!!
share the bone next time, or better yet, tell your mama and daddy that you are very very sorry and ask them to get you and coop your own individual bones.
the booker man

Ms. ~K said...

Oh Dozer, this sounds serious!!!
We know you can do the right thing and make good decsions...
we're counting on you!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

The Musketeers said...

Oh no Dozer ! Is cooper alright ? I did that once to Lady, my human yelled at me too. But, I vowed, never to do that again ;)
Hope Coop is doing fine !

Two Country Poodles said...

Sometimes our instincs get the better of us...No harm in that right?

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo