Sunday, February 21, 2010

Semi-Sleepy Sunday

So Mum took Cooper and me on a walk past the llama farm at Oregon State University on Saturday and Cooper got burrs all over himself. It required an expensive trip to the doggie spa and the loss of an enormous amount of fur to return him to a semi-acceptable state of canine-ness. Check out his skinny legs! BOL!
Oh look at my nice furry pants! Eat your heart out Coop.

Dottie seemed a bit bored by the whole thing.

So Mr. Nekkid started shivering last night in bed.
Mum put my, yes MY coat on Cooper to keep him warm.

Then Mr. Sunshine came to visit and Cooper took a giganormous nap.
He got really hot and started panting.

Dottie slept with Elvis.

And Mum made me a frittata with Swiss Chard,
asparagus, onion, fresh basil, eggs and grated
Parmesan cheese. It was just 136 calories per
quarter slice, 2 grams of fiber and delicious.

And that was pretty much our Sunday. Except we went to the dog park but that is for another blog entry.

Night all, Love, Dozer


Life With Dogs said...

Dog park?? You left out the wrong part! :)
Is it just me, or are burrs one of the worst things ever?

Kari in WeHo said...

Care to ship me a slice of that frittata?

ocmist said...

We have Horehounds around here and they have the most awful burrs! They don't tend to stick on us as much as Sadie, but sometimes underneath us they will get stuck and we hate the brush pulling them out. They REALLY tangle into Sadie's coat... she attracts TONS of them. Poor Cooper... He IS nekkid. That was so nice of you to "offer" your coat to him (yeah, right...)

That frittata looked so yummy, but I know Mom wouldn't let us have any because of the onion in it. She loves onion and cooks a lot with it, but then Robert got allergic and she read that it is very bad for dogs, so she often cooks Robert's stuff without and then lets us have some of that and just a tiny taste of hers. OC

Mango said...

Hey Dozer! Sorry my exciting movie made you go crackers. Hehehe.

That sounds like a great Sunday to me. Lots of family time, napping, and foodables.


Peppy Sheppys said...

So first things first--how many slices of free-ta-ta did you get???

Peppy Sheppys

ps. That thunder was just Wally passin' gas. BOL!

Laurie said...

Your furry pants are quite dashing! :)

Two Country Poodles said...

Cooper we think you look fabulous in a short hair cut.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo