Sunday, November 1, 2009

Please Release Me...Let Me Go! - Dozer

This incarceration is so against the Geneva Convention, but because I am a dog, no one from the Red Cross has come to check on me. Check out my accomodations, pretty sterile yes?

Yes, I have a bed, but does it match my blue color scheme?
No, of course not.

This is me looking out at the world. Everything is passing me by.

If you whine long enough your parents will build a make-believe crate in the family room so you can be by them. This worked beautifully. Once they became complacent, I encouraged them to take the crate outside on the deck by telling them I was probably low on Vitamin D and could stand a sun bath.

I let them think I was tired and wanted nothing more than to take in some sun and rest.

Once they decided I was fine by myself, I managed to break down the cage and escaped out through the side yard of the house and out to the driveway. It was great listening to Mum scream "Dozer!" and Dad asking "Is Dozer out?" (well obviously, do you think Mum would be screaming my name because she was happy with me? not likely). Unfortunately Dad caught me and I was taken back into the house and put back in the locking cage in the living room.

Howie PeePants - You'se Mum mentioned something about small meatloafs, can you ask her when she is going to send them to me? The vets put me on a diet because I am sedentary and I am only getting 3/4 a cup of fud a day (yes, I said a day!) I am already weak and the time change has really upset my clock so I think it is meal time every hour now.


Dory and the Mama said...

Poor Dozer....Maybe you need a chalk board to write a little slash for each day that passes???

Get Well Soon Smileys!

Angela said...

Oh Dozer! I can't believe they have you all caged up like that! Just pitiful..... Will somebody please send someone from the Humane Society to rescue that poor pup! I can't believe Dozer escaped! I do hope that you get well soon Dozer!


Mango said...

Of course you made a jail break, but seriously, running around the neighborhood with that cone on your head would have been totally uncool.

Sorry you are starving to death. I would send you some foodables, but I am on a diet too and can barely move my famished self to my bowl.


Hoover said...

Stuck in solitary? Dude, that blows! But if you break out and hurt yourself you'll be in there for longer.

Use your rabies tag and clang it on the bars. It will drive everyone crazy and they'll come running to make you stop.

Hoover BPD

ocmist said...

Oh, poor Dozer! We've just caught up on you and your surgery, and think it is terrible that you are in solitary confinement... especially with all those toys OUTSIDE of your pen just taunting you to come out and play. How COULD they DO that to you!!!

They've got me on "bed rest" for the most part too, because of my eye that Sadie bit. It's a drag and I know why you wanted to escape! They LEFT me with Mimi (Mom's Sister) today while they all went on a long road trip to take Gracie to her new home. Now, I ask are we being treated fairly when all we've got is a little Boo-boo? Still I wouldn't want to rehurt myself, and you wouldn't like it if you rehurt yourself either, so I guess we'll just have to stick it out, quietly... NOT!!!!!! Bark your head off! I DO!!!! OC

ClassyChassy said...

What a crafty little sneak you are! Such a fun story today - Hope someone can bring you some goodies to pass the time - nothing a corgi loves better than to eat eat EAT!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a sad and blue corgi tale~

Anonymous said...

Poor Dozer! If we could use the phone we'd call somebuddy to come rescue you...better yet, if we could find where Momma hid the car keys WE'D come rescue you! Try howling off key every few minutes, that may stir some sympathy up.

Nancy Medina said...

DozerPants HoudiniDog, this here is Howie. I gots bad bad news fur you my incarcerated jailpal. I ate all them meatloafs afore mom even got them into the care package for yew. I had to taste test 'em to make sure there was no files or contraband and wutt can I say, I got carried away when I sampled the meaty goodness.... anyway, nice collar. heh heh.
your truly sympathetic buddy,
PeeMan the Meatloaf Inhaler

Two Country Poodles said...

Poor Dozer,

We have emailed the ASPCA adn they are on their way. We will send turkey, treats, and other foodables! Off to the Post office now...bye bye

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Melissa and Emmitt said...


this is emmitt. i am speaking in code so no one else can understand this. right mom?
*tapping silly pug on head* "right emmitt ;)"

a secret truck shipment of mini meatloaves is on the way with extra ketchup just for you.

it will be there today.

your pal,