Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Truth - Finally!

Well, here is the evidence! No one believed me when I said that Cooper was having paper treats under the bed but I got Mum's cellphone and here is the evidence. Cooper loves paper goods for snackies. Mum says it is probably because he survived on eating paper in his former abusive home - I think it is Cooper being strange. Check out the evidence for yourself. Hmmm, Coop is definitely chowing down on the paper towel.

Nice action shot, eh? Coop like to tear, chew and swallow.

That's right just put your snout into it Spaniel Boy!

And of course after an evening snack of paper, Cooper goes to bed with an innocent look on his visage (that French for face, I looked it up). What the parents don't know is that Cooper has a paperback book under the bed he is snacking on. He's already through Chapter One.

This is my sad look. No one will play ball or fetch with me because of my leg. The pain medication helps but I am still bored.

What do you mean I am not supposed to be at this end of the bed? You get to sleep at this end of the bed, shouldn't I get the same opportunity? Sheesh!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

good morning dozer and coop!

i think emmitt might be part cocker spaniel because he LOVES to eat paper too!

m & e

ClassyChassy said...

Careful getting up and down off that big bed - hard on those little legs and joints!!! Glad Your pal is enjoying the book! geesh - good book, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Alice likes to eat paper too....does that mean that SHE'S part Cocker Spaniel?? I always thought there was something strange about her.......


Kelly said...

haha Gibson does the same thing w/paper products. He will cry if we have a napkin in our hands until we give it to him. I also had to put a lid on my waste basket near my desk so he didn't help himself to snacks while I'm at work lol

Samantha said...

Oh those are GREAT action shots! Good going kiddo - especially the book reading part. Mom inhales and digests books too hehehe!
Hugs xo
PS - Lately, since the rains have come, I've been jumping up on da big bed - fun, isn't it?!!

Mango said...

Cooper is one short of a six pack, I think. Either that, or he has put himself on some weird high fiber diet.

As for you? Given that you can't have any fun, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with taking whichever part of the bed suits you.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Goodness....bored, bored, bored, are we?
Our corgi girl needs a hassock to get up on the bed, (we are shamefully accomodating). Both of the corgi kids go right for the pillows. We're shameful that we allow this, I know. I shut the bedroom door during the day, otherwise, they'd be napping on the king, all day! Horrid little spoiled corgis.
Hope the pain isn't too bad, and that the healing continues. Get well soon little ol' sadface corgi. Hugs to the paper shredder too!

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Mango's assessment... something's just not quite right about a paper eating dog. But hey, we all have our little quirks. C'est la vie (also French!)

Pearl said...

Dozer, I am a paper eater too! I don't even have a sad, abusive past to blame on it. I am just not that smart.

I don't think that I knew that Cooper used to live with mean people. You should be nicer to him, Dozer! shame shame!!


Sparky said...

Dozer! Cooper!

I like eating kleenex, it's tasty! My human gets mad at me though when she comes home to find the garbage can knocked over and used kleenex spread everywhere. But I can't help it...

I hope you both have a grrrrEAT day ahead!


Martha Basset said...

Leave Cooper alone!!! If he wants to eat paper he should have some privacy!
We don't have any problem with you at the top of the bed - seems fine to us.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Peanut said...

Just so you know paper towels are yummy. They are good stuff.

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

And what is the problem with being a paper-eater? I like napkins and paper towels, although Mom won't let me at her books.... Very good action shots, though!

*kissey face*

dreameyce said...

Traum likes paper too, so I can't say it's from abuse. He's been doing it since he was a puppy. I think it's the texture.

First time I found tissue in his poo I freaked. The vet laughed, and told me what it was. I felt so dumb!

ocmist said...

Eating paper is a problem? Wherever did you get THAT idea! Fiber is GOOD for you... didn't you know that?

Hope your leg is feeling better and better! I have a ramp up to Mom and Dad's Cal-King Waterbed now-a-days. Mom feels that the heated waterbed helps my bones. OC