Thursday, October 1, 2009

Naughty Dottie, Naughty, Naughty!

After Mum and Da left for work, Dottie grabbed the tablecloth and pulled on it on the off chance that perhaps there was some food left on the table (there wasn't). Dottie was not the least remorseful. She says she is 16 years old and she can do what she wants. She broke an antique syrup pourer but the red vase managed to make it out alive. Dottie is very naughty.

On Dozer news, he is going to have surgery at the Oregon State University Veterinary School hospital, we're just waiting to get on the schedule. In the meantime the Doze is on pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds, so he is happy.

Me? Well, I am getting some bids on Facebook in my efforts to sell Dozer but none worth real consideration. Moxie and Izzie offered me a dollar which is so low I cannot even dignify acknowledging their offer. (And besides, they need to spend their time updating their blog with more pictures and adventures, we miss hearing from them!) In case you are looking for me on Facebook, you can find me here.

I'll update more later, right now I feel a nap coming on!


Mango said...

It is unclear to me how you know who did the actual pulling there. Whoever it was must really like that vase.

I suppose we could take Dozer for like maybe $2.00 if he brings his own foodables.


Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

TaiChi agrees with Dottie - at 16 (or 18, in TaiChi's case), you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and everyone else around you better get out of your way (except for the cat, who is 19). And up Dozer? How much did you say you would give us to take him? *grin*

*kissey face*

Pearl said...

Cooper, I suspect foul play. How do you know it was sweet, innocent Dottie who did that!? I don't believe you.

As for Mr. Dozer, I am willing to pay you in kibble for him. I will start saving a few morsels from each meal... unless I am really hungry.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Somebody's been naughty!
Best wishes to Dozer for his pending surgery.

Dory and the Mama said...

Oh boy...Cooper, no matter who did you are kind of stuck..Dottie is the SHE won't get in trouble....Dozer doesn't feel good so HE won't get in trouble..Guess who that leaves???????

Ummm....Good Luck, if it was me I would just deny!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cooper - any luck unloading your siblings yet? I would have gladly taken the 3 boxes of cookies, but I like being the only dog around here. You understand, don't you?

Tell your mom I forgive her for yelling at me, but honestly, I was just trying to be funny by putting my blog up for sale. I sure as heck didn't know it would all go so terribly wrong. She's very mean sometimes though, huh? When she gets mad at you, come stay with me if you want.

River said...

If you say it enough it will be true! That's a universal dog law. We're glad to hear that Dozer is on happy pills and wish him well.

love & wags,

Sarah said...

Dear Dottie,
You are my hero. I just got a great idea fwum dese piktures.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

That's a spectacular mess! Nice going to whoever did it, and good planning leaving the vase. that way they have something to be thankful for while they clean it up.
your pal, Morgan

Angela said...

BOL! Naughty, naughty, naughty!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh dottie is fiesty one! are you sure she is not part pug with her love of food?

hug her, coop and dozer for us! emmitt has pulled out his piggy bank to buy all 3!

m & e