Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween Contest

Well Mum is finally home from her Women of Faith conference which she abandoned us for - sure fine, go sing Amazing Grace with 15,000 women in Portland and leave us to fend for ourselves. The emotional agony is more than we could bear. However, she is back and even though the only thing she brought back was a kidney infection, we are happy to have her in residence again.

As many of you know, there are Halloween contests going on all over the doggie blogosphere and even in my tenuous health state, I agreed to pose because I think we all know my that my audience is important to moi. Cooper and Dottie, whatever.

Cooper is going as an Oregon State fan and he let Mum put this ridiculous shirt on him from Animal Crackers. If you knew Cooper you would realize he hates Halloween and dressing up so this was a big step for the boy. Don't tell him but I think he is looking pretty good.
Nice post huh? Kind of dramatic with him looking off to the football field.
Logo in place? Oh yeah.

Here's Miss Dottie in all her regalia. She does well in the collar costumes.
This is moi. Because of my injured leg I couldn't put my new orange prison outfit on so I decided to wear the tres chic collar as well. Hold yourself back ladies, I know...I take your breath away - and it's not because I only bathe four times a year. Autographed photos are still only $1.00 plus postage.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh my....they are ALL just too cute for words!!!
What....???? No naps today???

Mango said...

I really like the low key approach to your Halloween costumes. Most festive, but not totally embarrassing like some cocker spaniel doggies who I will not name.

Keep working on getting that leg back in top form, OK?


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We're thinking those collar costumes might just work for us too - we have a hard time controlling our excitement when Mom tries to dress us up.

Our Mom says she knows your Mom enjoyed WOF - it will be in our area soon, but Mom didn't get tickets for this year - she's been in the past.

Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Anonymous said...

You are all ADORABLE! (that's from the Momma) Cooper does look quite dramatic, or maybe he's just too embarrassed to look at the flashy box?

Pearl said...

Dozer, I'd like to sign up for an autographed portrait of you please! You are all looking CUTEST in your costumes!

How was the women of faith conference? My momma thinks she heard them talking about that on K-Love. I bet it was wonderful!

xoxo Pearl

Martha Basset said...

How gorgeous!!! We would happily give you a treat if you came to our door!
We are sorry your mom has a kidney infection and hope it clears up soon.
Whilst we know it was dreadful that you were abandoned our mum thinks that Portland would have been an amazing experience!
Oh we didn't mean the pun!!!!
Martha & Bailey xxxx

ClassyChassy said...

Oh, so very cute!!! All set for Tricks or Treats!!! Hope they get treats, not tricks!

chicamom85 said...

I hate Halloween also. I have something just like the thing you are wearing around your neck and I will tolerate that, but you should see the other things they try to adorn me with! I do hope your leg is getting better each day so you can go trick or treating.

licks and sniff,Sasha

Bob said...

Alone????????????? You left them alone???????????

What am I? And was I out in some parking lot singing Amazing Grace??

Noooooooooo. I was taking care of the varmints.



Angela said...

Cute! I love your Halloween Costumes! You all are just sooooo cute in them!

Trick or Treat!
I'm sure you will get lots of treats!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what fabulous photos of all 3 of you!

dozer, your smile is just magic!

dreameyce said...

GO BEAVS! I was proud of their win over Stanford.... Hubby graduates soon, so I'm allowed to be a Beavers fan, even though I'm from Michigan ;)

ocmist said...

Hey, Coop... showing off that hairy chest are we? We LOVE Dottie and your smiles, Dozer! My Mom says your Mom came home with more than a kidney infection... she came home with more love in her heart, she bets! OC