Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dozer Asleep, We're Partying! - Cooper

So the Oregon State Veterinary School Hospital called and Dozer's surgery went just fine and he was asleep with an IV for his pain meds. He gets to come home tomorrow sometime and Mum has gotten the blue donut from our vet so Dozer cannot lick  his wound.

Since things had gone so well, I said to Mum "Let's have a drink!" And Mum said, "Are you out of your mind or have you been nipping at the cooking sherry again?" (I have a fondness for good wine, beer or anything alcoholic). Obviously Mum was not going to let me have a drink but she said I could have a vegetable instead, so I chose celery because it chews nice.

This here is Dottie trying to grab some celery off the floor with limited success.

She got some paw action going and managed to get a piece.

I swear the celery hit me in the eye!

Chomp, chomp, num, num - very good

Takes a bit of jaw action to get everything moving.

Mum says to tell you she will update everyone on Dozer tomorrow after he gets home from the hospital. But all your prayers and good wishes did the job - he is on the mend.


chicamom85 said...

I am so happy to read that Dozer is ok. I bet you will be glad when he comes home. Have a party, but blechh on the celery.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Martha and Bailey said...

Thanks for the update on Dozer - that is good news.
Martha once tried some red wine but she didn't like it much.
Just as well as our parents aren't too keen to share.
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Anonymous said...

We're very glad that Dozer's surgery went well and that he's on some trippin' meds. But that celery thing....that ain't no party! You guys are too tame without the Dozer to liven things up.

Dawn said...

We likes the orange bones (carrots) in our house. Specially big fat ones you can really chew on! We is glad that Dozer is gonna be OK. We will say laymedowns for him at nap time. Magic and crew

ClassyChassy said...

Will be waiting for the 'welcome home' story - in the mean time, enjoy the vegetables - but maybe you can raid the liquor cabinet when the lights go out!

Pearl said...

Thanks for the Dozer update- I have been thinking about him!!

Enjoy the veggies while you can! I have a feeling when Dozer gets going on his new and improved leggies... you'll have some competition for treats!

Dory and the Mama said...

Ummmmm...celery does not a party make!! Get out the cheetos and that's a party!!

So glad that Dozer is on the mend!!


Mango said...

CELERY? Ish! At least you could have had some pizza, right?

Good news about Dozer. Pee-Wee saw a little corgi that looked just like Dottie at good dog attentions school. She was beautiful.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Good news about ol' Dozer.
Our corgi kids dislike celery and raw spinach...everything else they pretty much gobble up. They love it when I make a pot of homemade's treat time at the ol' corgi corral as I'm a sloppy chopper!

lavachickie said...

Way to go, Dozer!

ocmist said...

Since we are reading this backwards, we knew you were home and doing ok as shown by all the whining you're doing, but this post was very interesting because Mom's never thought to give us celery to chew. We get carrots all the time because she used to get truckloads for her horses and her dogs would always eat quite a few, so she knew to give them to us. The pups are starting to like them too! We've also tried peas which aren't to bad, but we'll have to convince Mom to let us try some celery. OC

PS...I'm on a diet so ANYTHING I can chew without to many calories is a GOOD thing!!!