Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a really Sleepy Sunday here

It is a warm and sunny Sunday in Oregon and consequently some of us are napping more than others. Dozer has been running all over the yard and is totally soaked from playing in the hose water and his pool. This is a picture of him before he got all wet. I chose to nap gently on my chair in the living room. I am not sure I like this hot weather so much.
Dottie likes the cool linoleum of the kitchen.
But then she decided that the grass and sunshine were calling to her. There's a whole lot of Cardigan Corgi rolling going on here!
Check out her form and her tootheses.
I think she wore herself out with all the rolling.
Here she is! Looking pretty from all her rolling!

Mum took a really, really long video of Dozer playing with the hose and pool because he got all upset that he only had one picture in this post. Mum says she will get that up in a bit because she has laundry and more important things to do. Dozer got really mad when she said that because he said he should be the most important thing and he was going to move to British Columbia and live with Gerald and Janice if this keeps up. Mum got this funny smile on her face and said she would check the bus schedule.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Dottie is such a doll baby.
My little girl Addie was rolling today in the grass too.

Mango said...

Those are some fierce toofers on that little gal when she is roaching.

Dozer, sounds like you better be careful what kind of threats you make. I think your mom might actually send you to BC and then what?

Guess what? My mom is doing something called "emergency laundry" right now!


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Dottie looks really cute rolling in the grass! Love that last photo of her looking at the camera too!


cookie said...

All that green grass looks very inviting. What fun it is to roll in the grass. We son't have any grass in our yard, so we have to go to the park for grass.

Cookie and crew

ocmist said...

Same here, Cookie... NO grass! I love carpet or grass to roach on.

Dottie, you look like your were really enjoying yourself. Mom says that last picture of you is just beautiful. My Mom is thinking about asking your Mom if she can draw you.

The only thing is, if she drew you, she would have to draw Dozer so he doesn't get to jealous and cause problems for you... at least that is what I told her might happen. He IS a bit mouthy, but it's probably because he's still too young to have learned respect for his elders. Us older Corgis are a bit more mature. :) OC