Saturday, May 23, 2009

Loose Leashes - a New Site to See

Cooper here. Mum found this fun site of Photographer Ron Schmidt who takes great pictures of dogs. We saw this one of the pug and immediately thought of Howie PeePants in Texas. You can buy all sorts of prints at Ron's website for very affordable prices (unfortunately Mum doesn't make enough money to be buying fine art for our dog wall but maybe if she wins the lottery). These labs are Lewie and Clark, they are great adventurers and are always after their yellow tennis ball.
Look at that bull dog puppy! Makes you want to lick his face!
Dozer was thrilled to see this picture of a Corgi in a car.
Lewie and Clark again, this time paddling towards that tennis ball.
This is Clarence, he is an angel dog, but you knew that.


Martha Basset said...

What fantastic pictures - we will pop over and visit.
Our favourite was the bulldog puppy in the swing - how cool was that!
Thanks for the link - we hope there are some bassets.
Have a nice Sunday.
Martha & Bailey xx

Mango said...

Those are some wacky pups.


ClassyChassy said...

Wonderful photos - esp the corgi in the car! Smiles and Wags!

Anonymous said...

ha - very clever pics... I like Lewie & Clark the best.

Moco said...

Those are some cute photos. he seems to do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute...almost as cute as cats would be! Momma especially liked the corgi in the car and she's going to go check out the website.

Thanks guys for the award we got, we blogged about it today!

jane & alice

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh!
these are wonderful! thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

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