Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Still About Me - Dozer

Mum started the Memorial Day weekend a little early when she came home at 1:30pm for the day. She was supposed to garden but we talked her into having some fun first.Dottie got a tummy rub from Anthony, note the nice paw action she has going.
Looking fine there Dottie girl! She is almost cute but of course, not as cute as moi!

This is me sitting on Mum's chest on the porch swing. Mum thought a nap might be nice but I explained a better use of that time would be petting me.

Mum, are you paying attention? Pet, pet, pet. A back rub would be nice too.

Give us a good scritch under the chin and down the neck. More, more more!

Hey you! Wake up, this is no time for a nap!

Well, you aren't the best masseuse I have ever had but you will do.

Oh, and this Cooper keeping watch. That dappled sunlight can creep up on you!


ocmist said...

Oooo... I LOVE massages! You look so pleased with yourself. I would be too, though.

I just LOVE pictures of Dottie... Really makes me miss my Mama, Mist, though.

Hi, Cooper... Good thing they have you to keep watch so they can have belly rubs and massages. What a PAL!!! OC

Martha Basset said...

Oh look at you were just made to be petted!
No point in humans doing any work - you all completely deserve their undivided attention!
We liked all your pictures today - the dappled sunlight was very restful.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx