Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potpourri in the Evening - from Dozer

Mum got her camera battery charged and all sort of mayhem started. First she got a hold of Dottie, poor thing. Dottie is used to having her picture taken so she did some posing (in anticipation of her new collar arriving from LindenDesigns. Dottie wants to send Joan some pictures to see if she can be a spokesdog or model for her).
This was Mum's attempt at being slightly artsy - note the black and white tones. Honestly, if I had enough money I would send Mum to school to learn how to take pictures.
This is Coop, who hates to have his picture taken pleading to be left alone. Note that Mum did trim his topknot so he does not look so much like a camel.
I call this one "JAWS". Scary, isn't it? We were playing 'Pig in a Blanket" (I had the starring role) and Mum rolled me with one hand and snapped with the other.
I call this last picture "FEED ME BEFORE I STARVE TO DEATH!". I wish Mum had cropped Cooper's butt out of my picture. How rude.


ClassyChassy said...

Simply adorable shots and corgi comments! Love them!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Corgi kid with attitude!
Love the pics.
Such happy doggies.
This blog makes me smile daily!

River said...

We need more Dozer pictures!

love & wags,

ocmist said...

Dozer, I love your blog, and you ARE a handsome devil, aren't you! Glad your Mom got her camera going. My Mom's is still dead and she hasn't been able to get another yet. She's about to go crazy!

She's had Dott's Master taking shots with his cell phone, but he's griping about having to use minutes to send them all the time and he has a prepaid tracfone. She HAS bought him minutes, though, so I don't know what he's whining for! OC