Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures of Me (Mostly) - Dozer

Thanks to my buddy, River, for suggesting that it might be nice to have a few more pictures of ME! Dottie may be starting her modeling career but if my plans work out, it will be derailed post haste. I would like to point out that this blog's domain reads Let's all try and remember that please! No, she's not dead, merely rolling around again. She does this whenever Mum pets her or gives her a neck rub. This is just embarressing on so many levels.
Mum got artsy again. I pointed out that Dottie looks like she only has one rear leg and folks will think she is strange. Cooper says I am wrong and Mum just rolled her eyes. What do they know?

This here is Cooper. He is doing his Elvis imitation - note the lip curl on the right. Mum thought this was a special picture because Cooper actually looked at the camera, a first.

Mum oooo'ed and ahhhh'ed over this picture. "What a handsome boy!" she kept saying. What? He's okay I guess.

Now onto ME! This is the terrible plastic noise-making ball which Mum fished out from under a living room chair. When it rolls or moves it sounds like a cow moo'ing. I got it in my teeth and started the dance of death.

Full frontal attack!

Action shot - note the movement!

I took the ball all over the living room, it refused to die!

This was getting harder. Who made this monstrosity?
Why won't it die?

Excuse me while I chew on this..


Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
I think all three of you have lovely pictures! Good luck with that unkillable ball!
:) Tibby

Matt said...

Ya know! Cooper sort of did have an elvis thing rocking!

Totally Timmy said...

You all should be models. I just want to Hug Cooper...he looks like a Teddy Bear!

Moco said...

We all always happy to see pictures of all three of you.

ocmist said...

Dozer! Have some respect for your elders! Older Corgis like Dottie and me love to roll on the floor and massage and scratch our old, achy backs... WE know how to do a thorough job of it. Just you wait until you find out how good it feels!

Mom thinks that Cooper looks like a soft, shiny, golden bear that is very huggable.

I have a black "bowling ball" of about the same size as your "cow ball" and I used to chase it all over the front yard all the time. It's a lot of fun, isn't it. Mom says she won't get me one like yours though, because I LOVE to bark at cows (they come up to our fence in the back pasture sometimes and I yell at them to "get lost," for long periods of time from our back yard, (until Mom yells at ME...)but they don't tend to listen very well. Dumb cows! OC

Martha Basset said...

You all look great in those pictures!!!
Martha & Bailey xx

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Hey Dozer, not to worry, we know you are the headliner here :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer, coop and dottie!
what great pictures of all of you!

happy thursday!

m & e

Anonymous said...

Dozer you're a real riot, but I WANT THAT LASAGNA!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Great pics of all the kids!
I need to put mine in the blog more often.
Why do corgi kids always sleep on their backs, has that ever been discussed, scientifically?

River said...

Those are great Action Dozer pics--for a start. Still kinda meager. More! More!

love & wags,

Mango said...

Oooo! A wiggly giggly. I had one, but I accidentally crushed it and momma had to you thin ice it. So be careful how rough you play.