Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ooo, Fun Giveaway! - Cooper's Notes

Look at this giveaway (click here) at One Prim Girl. She makes all sort of primitive items and she has this new website where you can meet other artsy types. We are working on Mum to perhaps sell some of her cards. Of course she has a diminishing supply because I like to eat paper goods. But I digress. If you are into crafty things, this giveaway looks pawsome!

How did I find out about this giveaway? From my new friend at Expressly Corgi! (click here) who has a great blog and more giveaway sites. We love her background, it is very Welsh looking.
I partied too hard at the Brat Pack last night so I am napping.


ClassyChassy said...

Hi there -
Glad you like my blog designs! You pups are TOO CUTE! Hope you add me to your list of 'Bloggy Friends', as you are certainly on My list!!! I will be watching for more updates from you, and so will my 4 corgi girls, Sissy, Sassy, Prairie, and Miss Doodles! They live to eat, and to see what new grief they can offer me as their loving owner!!! CORGIS RULE in our house! Bless you, Owners and ALL!

Moco said...

I hope they don't try to give you away in your weakend condition. That would be a crime of the highest order.

GoldenSamantha said...

You look pretty dawgone passed out there! Well I can sure relate to that state this week! Ugh - but thank you so much for your kind comments - that support has really helped and today, I'm starting to come back! I hope you do too hehe!
Love xo Sammie