Monday, February 9, 2009

Notes from Howie in Texas - Dozer

Message No. 1:

Emmy, are you sure we can't eat Burt? He smells delishush! I've got him here in the back yard so when I run out the doggy door I can pee on his leg so he will feel right at home. Dozer and Cooper, make room on that big bed, we're leaving Burt outside so I don't gotta share the pillow.xxxoo Howie

Message No. 2:

Dozer, if we get some sheep, does that mean we can eat Burt the Buffalo? Do you think Emmy will notice if Burt is on a bun with extra ketchup instead of in the back yard grazing?Howard Pee Host Puggy

Message No. 3:

This here is Howie and now I am REALLY Confused. Didn't Aunty Melissa send us BURT ahead of Emmy? So that's like our FOOD before our guest, right?? So to me, the way I thinks about it, we need to fire up the big grill!!!! It's time to roast up Burt!!! mmm.

Message No. 4:

Dozer and Coop, this here is Howie and um, yea, that's a real cute card, but back to the whole food thing. I got some bad news about Burt. Before I tell you the bad news, do you think Emmy was real attached to Burt?

Message No. 5:

Oh, um, ahem, hey Doze and Coopster it's me Howie again. Mom's gone to bed so I took over the 'puter. And I got just one more question - don't you guys think it's really twilight zoney kinda STRANGE that our moms have the SAME NAME and our moms are BOTH WEIRD???? *creepy music playing in background* Do you think maybe we got the SAME MOMS!!!!????

Note to self: Find out how much Emmitt liked Burt, check into whether I was adopted, research Mum's background and get train tickets to Texas.


Moco said...

You guys and Howie have me so confused. Maybe you do have the same mom or they are the sisters from a different mother. Didn't Rod Serling write an episode about your moms and that buffalo. I think we saw it on Sci-Fi.

Casbah Kitten said...

Yeah....I think I saw that episode too...I think you guys are stuck in some creepy sci fi episode.
Dozer, I'd be careful about going to Texas, I think you may go into some weird black hole thingee and get lost. Is Howie REALLY Howie??

your concerned friend,

PS. I gave you, Coop and Dottie an award! Check it out on our blog.