Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lesson Learned - Thanks Moco

Moco wrote and said "Never send your food before yourself".

Tell us about it Moco, I am so depressed I don't know if I can keep packing.


Peanut said...

That Moco. She's a smart one.

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Nothing is sacred, especially food, when it comes to doggies! My corgi kids are the two little pigs! They don't bark, they oink!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, Moco has a good point.

M & I

Melissa and Emmitt said...

dozer and coop
moco is so smart! i screwed up but i will fix it! i have tons more fud!
we will have a fabulous time! grab moco and bring him too! there is lots of room on burt's back.

Nancy and the fatties said...

This here is Howie and now I am REALLY Confused. Didn't Aunty Melissa send us BURT ahead of Emmy? So that's like our FOOD before our guest, right?? So to me, the way I thinks about it, we need to fire up the big grill!!!! It's time to roast up Burt!!! mmm.