Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thank Goodness That's Over With!

Dozer here. Well, Thanksgiving is over and I must tell you I am exhausted. Mum packed much too much into my social calendar and I simply need a good rest. Coop was no help and Dottie is blowing fluff so much that she is a massive hair ball with legs. So it was up to me to hold up the family honor over the holiday.

Mum and Dad (and my cousin Anthony) had a quiet Thanksgiving at home with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and salad. No one seemed to get the message that they should be dropping food on the floor for me and the best I got was a new bone to chew. It was thoroughly disappointing.

Friday night Mum and I walked in the annual Corvallis Christmas Parade with our Willamette Corgi Group (Corgi Picnic). My Auntie DeeDee sent money for Mum to buy me my very own Flexible Flyer Wagon with red, wood sides. Mum and I went to Robinett's Hardware Store, which is a really nice old fashioned hardware store with wood floors and all the neat stuff you need. We picked out my wagon and Mum paid for it and then we put it in the car.

Mum had to spend most of the afternoon putting lights and garlands on the wagon so it looked just right for me. But before that we went to
Animal Crackers to find a plaid coat for me. I tried on a couple of different colors and we decided the red and white suited me best.
This is Mum and me just before the parade started. I sat in the wagon for a bit and then I marched but then I had to sit with Dad. Mum wanted to make sure my leg didn't get hurt which was disappointing since there was horse poop everywhere! All of my corgi friends like horse poop too and none of our parents would let us roll or eat it. What a bunch of losers!

This is Anthony and me. He can multi-task so well - rub my tummy, talk on Facebook, text on his cell phone.
"Are you looking at me?"

Dottie is usually totally black on her back but she is blowing so much fluff she looks like someone's Great Aunt Mary in a raccoon coat which is falling apart. You would think Mum would do something more than take pictures!
Mum tried taking pictures for our annual Christmas card but I was having no part of it. This is my "get out of my face" look.

(Yawn), time for me to lay down my paw and tak a nap.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi coop dozer and dottie

oh what a wonderful weekend you all had! i love all of the photos. :)
please thank your mom for visting melanie's etsy store. you all have absolutely made her day.

wally said...

Whoa--looks like a fun time up in your neck of the woods. Why don't the apes understand the joy of horse poop? What a bunch of buzzkills.

wally t.