Sunday, October 26, 2008

Walkin' with Mum

Mum took Dozer for a walk around the block because that is all he is allowed. Then she came home and got me for a walk to the park. Mum says I have gained a few pounds that are not healthy from all the apples I have been eating this fall and now we have to start an exercise program. I like programs. I watch them on television.

We walked down to Philomath Park and I checked out the piles of leaves, left pee mail for friends, laid in the sun until I was panting, and then we walked home. It was very nice!
I had a bath at the groomer yesterday (I got to go in the car) and they did a "touch-up" trim because I get cold in the autumn. Mum says I look like her little bear and I don't think that is necessarily a good thing. She said with my hair trimmed she can see my tummy which is a bit larger than she would like. But she said my fur is very soft and I smell really good. Then she saw all the burrs I got on our walk - honestly, that woman gets unraveled over the least little thing. What is the big deal? So she spent a ton of money at the groomers and now my hair is all matted again - and the problem is? I guess I have a date on Mum's lap to get de-tangled so I have to go.


the Corgi Girls said...

What a great day out Coop... we never noticed you were getting on the heavy side... you look great to us!

Moxie sometimes gets matted too... but I never do! My fur is too short!

Give Doz and Dots kissies for us!

Iz (and Mox)

Peanut said...

doesn't she know burrs are a fashion accesory.

Mango said...

Don't tell me you are going on a diet. That would stink. Just keep your fuzzies on your belly and nobody will notice.