Sunday, October 19, 2008

Please release me, let me go.....

I thought I would share my exquisite pee wee from yesterday. I saved it until 11:30am and then decided our recycling bin deserved to have a little shower. I can't really lift my leg so I am using the half-squat position.
Mum took me to the vet yesterday and I got to trade my ridiculous collar thing for an inflatable collar (which can double as a flotation device in case the house crashes over water). This is much more comfortable and I can actually eat grass and sniff the ground. Thank you Dr. Williams for trusting me. Mum did duct tape the Velcro to make sure I could not undo the contraption but I am so happy to have that plastic cone off, I will be a good boy.

Howie is on his way from Texas in a Winnebago to rescue me. (See note below). I don't know when he will arrive but Mum said I can't go. She is such a party pooper!

*wind whistles by Howie's ears as he sticks his tongue out at the other drivers* I'm coming to rescue yew DozerPants. There's room in this here Winnebago fur your frigerator, so be sure to tell Cooper and Dottie to have that out front with your kibble, k?Moco and pals, there's room fur yew too, bring extra food.Travelin Pee

Mum had way too much time on her hands yesterday and she decided to make sure Dottie cannot tip over the garbage, recycling and kibble bins in the kitchen (again, what a party pooper!) So Mum used cup hooks and bungee cords and now Dottie can't get into anything - not that she is not trying though! Unfortunately Dots cannot jump on her hind legs like I can (or did) so it really makes it difficult for her to get a purchase on the kibble can.
Go Dots Go! Bring me the kibble!

I am feeling much more energetic today and I am having a hard time not running on my leash. Mum took me next door to see my girlfriend, Dot, a nice lady with a great garden. I am garnering a lot of sympathy but absolutely no cookies which mystifies me. I mean people in the hospital get boxes of candy...shouldn't I get boxes of dog treats?
Mum just gave me my Tramadol and Rimadyl so I am going to take my morning nap.

Love, Dozer


the Corgi Girls said...

Awww, we like the new collar... it helps hold your head up for those instantaneous napping moments... good pillow!

Love you lil dude!

M & I

Peanut said...

that is a nice collar. Better then the cone. I can't believe you aren't getting lots of cookies.

Mango said...

The collar is most certainly an improvement.

Hey! Pee-wee saw a couple of corgis just like you and Dottie on Saturday. He said the Dozer type corgi kept herding the bigger dogs.


Geng said...

Hi Dozer,

Love your blog :-)

Just make sure your mum knows the side effects of Rimadyl, just in case.

Now go take your nap :-)